Draw on the wealth of experience to gain the best result for your client, whether caused by a HMRC enquiry, or if your client wishes to revisit their affairs.

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Our experienced and qualified team have in-depth expert knowledge of tax disputes and is made up of individuals who are ex-inspector of taxes. Their acute insight enables them to dissemble data gathered from the client and formulate a strategy to approach a quick and effective resolution of the enquiry.

Whatever the reason for the tax dispute it is important that the client receives first class advice and support as early as possible. HMRC has the power to request documentation and can visit the client’s home and/or business premises which can be disruptive and stressful.

It is always in the client’s best interests to discuss matters with a specialist if they receive a notice of enquiry from HMRC – even if they have no discrepancies to disclose. The right help, at the right time can ensure that a potentially long, drawn out process is effectively managed, concluded and that HMRC does not obtain information that they are not entitled to.

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