With the speed at which the tax landscape changes, individuals and capital crossing borders more readily than before not to mention the reach of the tax authorities, it is vital that you give your clients the best advice possible.

Whatever your clients’ needs and objectives our private client tax specialist will be able to assist.

Specialist Areas

Changes to Non-Dom Tax Legislation

Non-resident and non-UK domiciled clients / Changes to Non-Dom Tax Legislation

Keep up to speed on the raft of changes affecting non-UK residents (particularly property investors) and UK resident non-doms, and proactively plan to make effective use of important tax planning tools (such as the remittance basis or trusts).
Estate and Inheritance Tax planning

Estate and Inheritance Tax planning

Reviewing clients’ affairs to ensure they are best positioned for wealth and assets to be transferred to the next generation in a controlled and IHT-efficient way. Including an initial ‘Wealth Health Check’ to identify any red flags or areas of opportunity.

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